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Evaluating scientific outcomes of the department according to M17+

The research results of our department in 2016 were regarded as excellent according to Metodika M17+, which is a new system used to evaluate research results in the Czech Republic. This evaluation was based on the results of both bibliometric and non-bibliometric analyses.

Two papers written by staff members were rated as excellent by M17+ in the process of rating non-bibliometric research results. These papers are:

Rabušicová, M., Brücknerová, K., Kamanová, L., Novotný, P., Pevná, K., Vařejková, Z. (2016). Mezigenerační učení. Teorie, výzkum, praxe. [Intergenerational learning. Theory, Research, Practice].

Šeďová, K., Švaříček, R., Sedláček, M., Šalamounová, Z. (2016). Jak se učitelé učí: Cestou profesního rozvoje  k dialogickému vyučování. [How teachers learn: Professional development as a way to dialogic teaching]

One paper written by a staff member published by an international journal with high impact factor was rated as excellent according to the results of bibliometric analysis and included among the ten papers which achieved this rating. This paper describes the findings of the largest action research on dialogic teaching that has been carried out in the Czech Republic.

Šeďová, K., Sedláček, M., Švaříček, R. (2016). Teacher professional development as a means of transforming student classroom talk. Teaching and Teacher Education, 57,14-25.

Because of its research results in 2016, the Department of Educational Sciences stands first among other Czech departments that examine educational research in the Czech Republic.

For more information on evaluating research results see: https://hodnoceni17.rvvi.cz/www/nebiblio a https://hodnoceni17.rvvi.cz/www/biblio-obory.

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