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The Department of Education Sciences, at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, ranks among institutions of higher education with a very long tradition. Its roots go back to the Pedagogical Seminar at the Faculty of Arts in 1922, a short time after the Faculty came into being.

The current team of staff consists of 13 full members and a number of external experts.

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Educational activities

The Department of Educational Sciences offers university education in four fields.

  • The first one is Education, a program offered at the Bachelor’s level (day studies as well as combined studies), at the Master’s level (day studies) and at the Doctoral level (both day and combined studies). The program can be studied as a single specialization or in combination with a number of specializations offered at the Faculty of Arts but also other faculties of Masaryk University. The aim is to train experts for education and upbringing ready to take up pedagogical work involving people of all age categories.
  • Social Education and Counselling is a field which can be studied at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level (single-subject specialization, day studies). The aim of the program is to train experts not only for social services and counselling but also education.
  • Within the field of Educational Sciences, a Master’s Teaching Degree in Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Pedagogy can be studied in the program Secondary School Teaching. The aim is to train teachers of Pedagogy qualified to teach this subject in secondary schools in the Czech Republic.
  • Andragogy is offered as a single-subject specialization in both day studies and combined studies, at the Master’s level only. The aim is to form graduates with expertise and conceptual skills for adult education.

The educational activities of the Department also include teaching pedagogical and didactic disciplines for students studying in teaching programs at the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk University, and supplementary pedagogical training for teachers from the field. The Department also provides, within lifelong learning programs, a pre-study one-year course in Pedagogy and Social Pedagogy and Counselling; a course for leaders in education and qualification training in Counselling for Schools.

“We want to be a prestigious workplace that stands out for its friendly attitude towards students, collegial cooperation and excellent research results.”

Mgr. Roman Švaříček, Ph.D.
Head of the Department

Activities of the Department

Other activities

Research and R&D projects

The Department has a rich tradition of research and developmental activities in which all members of staff and doctoral students are involved. No matter how varied the individual research topics are, it may be stated that school has been one of the pivotal concerns for over 10 years; part of the staff have recently also focused on lifelong learning.

The defining characteristics of research activities in the Department include the fact that the projects are team projects rather than individual research.

Developmental projects focus on further improving the tuition, emphasizing harmonization of the curricula with the requirements of the labour market the students enter after getting their degree.

The members of staff have also long been involved in developing strategic documents and cooperating on a number of evaluation projects and developmental initiatives in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Ongoing and finished projects provide a starting point for extensive publication activity of the members of staff.

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