Classroom Discourse

Šeďová, K., Šalamounová, Z., Švaříček, R., Sedláček, M., Majcík, M., Navrátilová, J. (2019). Classroom Discourse. Brno: Munipress.

28 Apr 2020

The monograph is a synthesis of more than ten-years of author’s interest in classroom discourse, which has become one of the critical topics of the educational sciences in recent decades. Contemporary theories emphasize the central role of communication in relation to learning and knowledge construction in the classroom, with the result that pupils’ learning outcomes are beginning to be ascribed to the quality of classroom discourse. If we want to improve students’ performance, we need to look at the role that speech and communication play in school education. The book introduces influential theories through which the relationship between speech, thinking and learning is explained, as well as the basic characteristics of teaching communication, teaching issues, pupil engagement, dialogue teaching as a desirable communication structure, classroom relations and teacher education to improve teaching communication. The reader will find current theories supported by evidence from research and possible implications for educational practice.

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