Anglický jazyk pro ICT specializaci

Cíle předmětu

Students should be able to function in English in the field of education and use of digital technologies. Specifically, they will be able to understand specialized texts when reading and listening and they will be able to use the terminology and specific vocabulary when speaking and writing.

Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge from other courses in debates and discussions while using English as the medium of communication in the course. The topics of discussions are subject to negotiations and suggestions of the students and their needs.

Výstupy z učení

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • understand spoken LSP texts at B2+ level of the CEFR;
  • understand written LSP texts at B2+ level of the CEFR;
  • produce text genres relevant to their study needs (a presentation abstract, literature review, project report paper, case study);
  • successfully participate in a spoken and online interaction dealing with relevant LSP issues at B2+ level of the CEFR;
  • use selected specialist terminology with natural and sophisticated control;
  • show a good command of selected grammar structures at B2+ level of the CEFR;
  • present their ideas/ findings efficiently;
  • interact efficiently and politely with others - negotiate, debate, cooperate and solve problems constructively;
  • use relevant sources, think critically and argue in an informed way;
  • plan and reflect, provide and receive feedback and act upon it.


  • Webinars and video tutorials
  • Blogs and discussion forums
  • Online communication in education
  • ICT tools for self-study
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Software documentation
  • Product specifications and manuals

Výukové metody

seminars, workshops, discussions, debates, argumentation practice, written home assignments, reading comprehension, presentations, critical thinking support, note-taking and reconstruction, learning tips, language coaching

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