Getting Dialogic Teaching into Classrooms. Making Change Possible

Šeďová, K., Šalamounová, Z., Švaříček, R., Sedláček, M. (2020). Getting Dialogic Teaching into Classrooms. Making Change Possible. Heidelberg: Springer.

4. 11. 2020

This book contributes to our understanding how teachers can improve classroom dialogue and thereby boost student learning. The book reports the results of intervention research based on professional development program for teacher. Participating teachers strived, with the help of the researchers, to instigate a rich and authentic dialogue in their classrooms. The data shows that teachers were able to change their talk and interaction patterns, and this was followed by a desirable change in their students who started to talk more and expressed more complex thoughts. The book not only reports on a successful intervention, but most importantly investigates in depth the teacher experiences and ways of learning during the intervention project.

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